Landi Renzo Plus Max 4.2
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Landi Renzo Plus Max 4.2


Software for connecting LC02 and LC03 Landi Renzo ECU’s.

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Please, read the conditions below before buying

  • Please verify that your ECU is for this software. You can contact us if you are having difficulties identifying which software you need.
  • Cable for communication is not included.


Landi Renzo Plus Max 2010

This is the full activated software for LC02 and LC03 ECU’s from Landi Renzo. They are often installed as a upsell version of the Omegas and have more advanced options to configure. With this software, you can replace the expensive Landi Renzo (MED) injectors with more cheap one like A.E.B. which cost 70% less than the original and the quality is the same! Software has advanced diagnostics and abilities to monitor live data.

Supported injector types for LC02 / LC03 ECU:

  • MED (Landi Renzo)
  • A.E.B. Polymer 2 ohms
  • Lovato K
  • Lovato J
  • Landi 2.0
  • GIRS12

Supported ECU numbers:

  • Plus PSA
  • Plus MAX
  • RE202042G34
  • LR202042G24
  • LR202011G24
  • DR202042G24
  • AM202033G24
  • AE202042G24
  • LES04_ECU
  • LR102080X2X
  • LR102180X2X
  • LR102171X2X
  • LR102160X2X
  • AM202033G24
  • LR202030G24
  • LR102180X1X
  • TO202042G34

1 review for Landi Renzo Plus Max 4.2

  1. Joshua

    I have successfully unlocked my ECU and can set the car for my likings! Very good product!

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