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Landi Renzo

We have the whole collection of Landi Renzo software, fully unlocked giving you able to replace expensive lpg/cng injectors with anything you want!

Limited time offer!

Landi Renzo Omegas, Plus Max, PLUS, ONE, DIRECT 3, EVO, LSI-NSI and more!
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What can I do with it?

If you are in this website, you’re probably one of the most who are sick of expensive repairs and want to do it yourself. We offer the UNLOCKED program, which you can tune every Landi Renzo LPG/CNG installation and easily find and diagnose issues.

Tuning, diagnosing & repair

You can tune, diagnose and repair the LPG/CNG installation all by yourself by the software. No more expensive repairs!

Online support

Since we know you are probably seeing LPG/CNG tuning software for the first time, we can offer a hefty support documentation and also diagnose it in-chat with you (with help of TeamViewer).

One-click away from you

Our website is configured when you pay to receive the software immediately to download with installation instructions included!

Video tutorials

We provide full tutorials on installing the software and getting it to work. You can always reach to our support to install it for you – free of charge! 🙂

Landi Renzo Plus Max

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Landi Renzo Omegas 3.2

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When you should buy this software

We don’t want your precious money for nothing, so this is a quick guide of wether you need the software or not.

Misfiring diagnosis

If your vehicle is misfiring and hiccing up during acceleration or just idling, you should be 100% sure that the problem persists ONLY when the LPG/CNG installation is switched ON. If you are having problems on petrol as well, please look up into it first. Common problems for this can be Spark plugs, Ignition coil(s)/leads or faulty wiring and not the LPG installation itself. Often those problems can be detected with a OBD Scanner and basic symptoms are FLASHING CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.

Check Engine Light / MIL (Malfunction Illimination Lamp)

If the check engine light (MIL) is illuminated/ON, you should probably consider looking up into it and understanding what the code is. Possible codes that can be caused by a wrong tuning of the LPG systems are: Mixture too Lean or too Rich, Lambda probe voltage issues, Lambda probe no activity, Misfire on Random or Detected cylinders (characterized), Fuel Pressure issues and some more depending on the vehicle model.

Landi Renzo available

Its finally here! We have provided fully licensed and functional Landi Renzo Omegas for OMEGAS, EVO, DIRECT and ONE ECU's.

Real customers talk

Some real testimonials of people who have bought the software. If you want yours here, wether is good or bad – we will publish it!

I can’t thank you enough. I spent over 2 months going from shop to shop, some didn’t have the program, some had it but couldn’t fix it. It turned out to be a really sketchy error – the water temperature sensor. But it was only going bad when the car is fully cooled down (below 20c). I have changed it and my LPG system switches like it was before, not after 20km driving!

S.K. - Mazda 3 106bhp - Landi Renzo PLUSMAX